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1. Curbside Residential Delivery

When you want a home delivery, but don’t need your order to be brought inside from your curb or driveway, a curb-side residential delivery “with liftgate” is a cost-effective option that you can add before or after your order ships.

  • Order goes to your residence from our warehouse, via third-party carrier truck (30'-50' trailer, depending on order)
  • Order is lowered down to your curbside/driveway using power liftgate – kind of like an elevator on the back of the truck that unloads your order easily and safely
  • You and your helpers move your order indoors once the truck is unloaded

You’ll need a flat paved area that is spacious enough for the truck, and for the liftgate to be lowered. Have help ready on the delivery date to bring your materials inside from the curb when your order arrives.

If you add this option after your order has shipped, please contact the ContainersDirect Logistics department for the best rates.

2. Inside Residential Delivery

If moving your order into your home is going to be too strenuous, or you don’t expect to have help on the day your order is due to arrive, then it might be worth investing in an inside residential delivery. This adds a bit of extra value, as the carrier will move your order inside for you.

  • Order goes to your residence from our warehouse, via third-party carrier (30'-50' trailer, depending on order)
  • Additional price on top of shipping rate is applied: approximately $6.95US per 100 lbs
  • Your order is brought into your garage or house for you

Like the lifgate delivery option, an inside residential delivery can be added before or after your order ships.

If you do add it after your order has shipped, please contact ContainersDirect Logistics for the best rates.

3. Overweight or Oversized Order Delivery

If your order is overweight or oversized, a liftgate isn’t practical. An oversized or overweight order may involve:

  • A forklift, or flatbed delivery that involves additional pricing.
  • You and your helpers physically unloading the truck yourself.

The overweight orders scenario depends on the type and the physical dimensions of the products you’ve ordered. A ContainersDirect Logistics representative is ready to help you with these kinds of orders, or even if you’re unsure of the type of delivery to expect.

4. Commercial Delivery ("Commercial Delivery")

If you need to have your order sent directly to a commercial location instead of a residential one, a commercial delivery is a logical option.

  • The order is dispatched from a third-party carrier.
  • You receive the order at an official commercial loading dock using equipment on site.
  • No added fees.

If you do add this type of delivery after your order has shipped, please contact ContainersDirect Logistics for the best rates.

5. Pick up at a ContainersDirect Warehouse Location ("Customer Pickup")

Some items can be picked up directly from our warehouse. You can find out if this is an option for you by going to your Shopping Cart screen.

  • Enter your zip code when you're in your cart and the shipping calculation will appear.
  • The city, state, and zip code of the warehouse closest to you will be shown if "Customer Pick Up" is an option for you.
  • Your items will be normally available for pick up within 2 days of purchase. 

Before your pick up date, you will receive an email from ContainersDirect that will include your order pick up number, and a link to a Google map to let you know where to find our warehouse.

  • Bring a copy of the email with you on pick up day, along with a piece of ID. Your driver's license will do. We'll record this information, and your license plate number, for our records.
  • You will need a vehicle capable of handling the weight and length of your items. You must adhere to all road weight restrictions.
  • Charges for customer pick ups range between $15-$50 US, depending on the product. This charge covers the packaging and the order service fee.

6. Customer Order Pick Up At the Carrier Terminal ("Terminal Pickup")

Even if you don't live near a ContainersDirect distribution point, you can still save money by picking up your order yourself from the third-party carrier's terminal in your area. With this option, the carrier will work with you by informing you by phone when your order is ready to be picked up at the terminal closest to you.

  • The third party carrier will contact you by phone to let you know when your order is ready
  • Bring a valid form of identification. Your driver's license will be fine. Please note that warehouse personnel will note down your details, along with your license plate number, for their records.
  • You will need a vehicle capable of handling the weight and length of your items. You must adhere to all road weight restrictions.
  • Your order will be packaged for transportation on a wrapped pallet.

For questions about the dimensions of your order, including concerns about vehicle capacity, please contact ContainersDirect logistics who are happy to help you with the details specific to your order with us.

Shipping Levels of Service

Whether or not you've chosen a residential delivery, commercial delivery, or terminal pick up, you have a range of shipping levels of service to suit your needs.

Here are your options:

1. Regular Low-Cost Delivery (standard service)

The lead time of your order is as quoted. The carrier will call to book an appointment at your convenience for either pick up or to-site delivery. The lead-time given in your quotation is based on standard transit time to your location from the carrier's distribution point.

2. TimeKeeper Service

With this service, your order is not only expedited, but you can also choose the date/time of the expedited delivery, after product lead-time is factored in. You will have the product lead-time information in your cart at the time you place your order.

You can add TimeKeeper service before or after your order has shipped. If you add it after shipping, please contact ContainersDirect Logistics for the best rate. Additional charges apply.

3. Turnkey Delivery (patio furniture only)

With this patio furniture-only service, your patio furniture is delivered, unpacked, and set up. The packaging is taken away and recycled for you. You can combine this service with the regular low-cost delivery or the TimeKeeper options listed above. Additional charges apply. Contact ContainersDirect Logistics for specific fee information.

4. Volume Rates

This shipping option is for orders over 4,000 lbs. Sometimes, this means a better rate than the standard service. But, the above shipping service levels don't apply if you choose the volume rate option. Please contact ContainersDirect Logistics for the best rates.

For all shipping levels of service, deliveries typically take place between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. The timing of your delivery depends on your “shipping lane” which means the origin to destination route as determined by the carrier.

How to Track Your ContainersDirect Order

When you choose a residential or commercial site delivery or a Terminal Pick Up, you can easily track your order online.

ContainersDirect will email you as soon as your carrier picks up your order from our warehouse. The email will tell you:

  • The name and telephone number of the carrier
  • The tracking number of your order
  • A link to the carrier's website so you can track your order online.

Order delivery dates and times

Your carrier will call you once they have picked up your materials from our warehouses. They will let you know when your delivery will be. While delivery times vary, they typically take place Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Please be at the delivery location at the set appointment time. If a redelivery is required, you may incur additional shipping charges.

Inspecting and signing off your delivery

When the product has been delivered, the driver will ask you to sign the waybill.

Before signing the waybill, please do a quick visual inspection of the delivery. Make a note of any visible damage to packing materials and record them on the waybill at this time. Take pictures, and take notes. Keep all packaging of any damaged boxes, if any.

If there is any damage you think was sustained during shipping, please call ContainersDirect so that we can solve any issues together at the earliest possible point.

Any questions? We're here to help

At ContainersDirect, we want to make sure that your shipping experience is easy, efficient, and worry-free. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any point during the shipping process.

+1 (801) 746-0747

Thank you for your order!