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12"x 12" Tan Brown Granite Tile

The pristine and refined premium granite tile.
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Tan Brown / 12"x12"x3/8"

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Tan Brown / 18"x18"x1/2"

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Our granite presents richly ornamental colors and patterns that make a positive impression on everyone. These tiles are expertly cut for more straight-forward installations, and deliver a level of harness that you can depend on long after your project is completed. For a strong and decorative flooring or wall cladding material, our granite tiles can be trusted to deliver the high-end look and long-term endurance you're looking for.

We offer a range of granite tile selections which will meet your expectations for:

  • Look - unique decorative value from tile to tile; random patterns and earthy colors that make an impression
  • Versatility in natural stone - used in residential kitchens, as well as commercial hallways and foyers
  • Durability - impact, heat resistance and abrasion resistance for a tile material you can trust
  • Strength - Structural benefits to a property as a whole, thaks to extreme stability and rigidity
Product Specifications:
  • 1st quality Water Cut Natural Granite
  • Mirror Polished Finish
  • Calibrated and Gauged
  • High Resistance to Wear and Scratching
  • No effect from Heat or Freeze and Thaw cycles

Type Granite
Finish Mirror Polished Finish

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