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Brazilian Cherry Classic

Exotic smooth hardwood collection.
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Heartwood is salmon red to orange brown shading to a russet/reddish brown often marked with dark streaks when seasoned. Texture is medium to coarse with mostly interlocked grain and a golden luster. Stained in classic cherry finish.

The hardwood flooring we offer delivers unmatched beauty, durability, structural strength, and overall long life to your home or commercial space. Hardwood flooring is in a class by itself; not just a choice in flooring, but more like a tradition. We make sure that all of the hardwood floors we offer honor that tradition, and meet all of your expectations too, ensuring you receive the perfect hardwood floor for your living space.

Our lines of hardwood floors offers:

  • structural strength to properties
  • a sense of hominess and warmth
  • a sense of permanence
  • old-world reliability
  • a strong selling point when reselling properties
Tickness 11/16"
Board Lengths 1 1/2" - 3'
Origin Central America
Species Jatoba
Width 3 1/2"

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