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Brazilian Cherry Natural

High quality, artistic hardwood flooring.
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Brazilian Cherry Natural 3 1/2" Wide

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Sq ft :

Brazilian Cherry Natural 4 3/4" Wide

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Sq ft :

Heartwood is salmon red to orange brown shading to a russet/reddish brown often marked with dark streaks when seasoned. Texture is medium to coarse with mostly interlocked grain and a golden luster.

Our engineered hardwood flooring is versatile and innovative, allowing you to install your chosen color, cut, finish, and surface texture in areas where solid hardwood is not recommended.  This means you get the effect you want without having to worry as much about the moisture levels and temperatures in your space.  Our engineered floors free up your options and let your creativity lead the way.

Versatility of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

For the advantage of real hardwood in areas where solid wood floors are not recommended, engineered hardwood flooring is your clear choice for interiors, like:

  • better for below-grade installations - basements, where dampness is common

  • over radiant heating systems, which tend to dry out solid hardwood, causing the boards to shrink, cup, and buckle.

  • on a concrete subfloor, either as a direct glue-down or a floating floor.

  • geographical areas with extreme climate conditions.

Tickness 9/16"
Board Lengths 1' - 3'
Species Jatoba
Origin Central America

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