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Posted: 5 years ago Quote #5
Hey Guys well i think that Travertine is stone - it is usually mild shaded bravo.It comes in different dimension items but i have never seen any different colors.Thanks!!
Posted: 4 years ago Quote #9
Travertine is a stone use for home decor.  You can also apply powder finishes on it and use it as a home decor material. Recently, I found that powder coating is one of the best way to give new look to our home.
Posted: 3 years ago Quote #10
Travertine tile flooring is an ideal option for porches, walls and indoor flooring. These tiles are extremely durable with exceptional quality that present a perfect finish and available in a wide variety of patterns, designs, colors. Some of the most popular travertine colors are ivory, beige, walnut colors (light, medium, dark), noche (dark brown), silver and gold.