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Containers Direct Tile & Stone
Customer Reviews
Amazing Color
We feel lucky to have found your website. Had we ordered china black from somewhere else, we would have over paid and I don't think the quality would have been as good. The floor in our new home is a statement piece!
12"x 12" China Black Polished Marble Tile | 5 Stars
Pretty good overall
12"x 12" Michaelangelo Polished Marble Tile | 5 Stars
Kewl you should come
Kewl you should come up with that. Exclelent!
12"x 12" Raja Slate Tile | 4 Stars
Wahoo for house proj
Wahoo for house projects gtntieg done! We've had tile for our kitchen for how long now... and we've finally made plans to do it next weekend! :) Jackson is too cute! Anna-Kate loves ring pops! Glad everyone is well girl!
12''x 12'' Mixed Pebble Stone Mosaic | 2 Stars
I think you hit a bu
I think you hit a bulselye there fellas!
2"x 12" Philadelphia Travertine Honed Molding | 5 Stars
Best in the market
I really loved the shopping experience here on Containers Direct. The customer service was prompt and responsive. The price was one of the lowest. But I wish you could add more pictures.
Breccia Bianco Polished Marble Tile | 4 Stars
Very impressed with how quickly the product arrived, and very pleased with the return process. I've already recommended Containers Direct to many people.
Greenskin Flooring | 5 Stars